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Meeting our Developers in California

On 22.12. the time had finally come. Our CEO and founder Kathleen and our founder Luat met with our development team and their families in San...

Does that sound familiar to you?

Verdreckte Sicht auf den Dom

Temperatures reach record heights in Germany almost every year.
CO2 and pollutant emissions were reduced in all areas of life, except traffic

Dicht aneinandergereihte fahrende Autos

Cities and municipalities suffer from the current traffic situation. Traffic jams, noise and air pollution are everyday realities. The quality of life is deteriorating. Economic damage runs into the billions

Bild einer Straße mit dicht parkenden Autos am Gehweg

There are currently 48 million registered cars on German roads. The growing demand for parking spaces is presenting cities and municipalities with ever-increasing problems.

Bild einer einzelnen Person im Auto

70% of daily trips are made by car. On average, however, there are only 1.4 people in each vehicle. Rising occupancy rates have a positive effect on areas and traffic

That’s why we’re developing the ecological door-to-door ride-sharing solution


What is


Green Riding will be the sustainable ride-sharing app that will permanently change commuting and ride-sharing thanks to a new and patented technological approach. Our technology helps to map the entire travel chain from door to door. Thanks to algorithmic calculations, longer journeys and detours for the driver are reduced to a minimum and this is done taking into account all means of transport (car, bike sharing, public transport, etc.).

Our virtual stop network allows passengers to board anywhere and anytime (see Smart Transit approach).

Green Riding is focusing on active environmental protection. Together with our customers, we support local environmental protection initiatives with a fixed contribution per trip. Our aim is to make climate protection visible locally and to improve our cities and communities. As part of a green community, our customers can decide where the money goes.

Green Riding therefore has several positive effects: Fewer cars arrive at the destination, fewer pollutants are emitted, less space is used and climate protection becomes visible from the beginning.

Green Riding is not just an ecological ride-sharing app. It also marks the start of a green ecosystem for which we will offer further services in the future.

Bildliche Darstellung der Funktionsweise der App

Hi, I am Sina 👋🏻,

I’m a student, I love to meet new people and pay a lot of attention to the environment! As a student I have only a small budget, so I moved into a rented apartment outside the city. Still, I have to come to the university every day. Often, however, public transport in suburban areas is not very convent.

When I heard of Green Riding, I was immediately thrilled! I share my car ride with people I would never meet otherwise, I only pay 1 € per 10 km and at the same time I do something for the environment!

Green Riding also works as a supplement to public transport or other means of transportation. If I want to visit my friend in another city, I can use Green Riding to get to the train station that has the fastest and best connection to her place. Just great! 😊



My name is John,

I work in the energy sector and live in a metropolitan area. I would like to serve as a role model for my two children and explain to them every day how important our environment is and how easy it is to live a sustainable lifestyle. To me it is also important to live independently! On the way to work I feel bad all the time, because I have to cover the distance alone in my car.

Thanks to Green Riding, I can give other people a ride on my way to work. This is how I protect the environment and increase the occupancy rate! Moreover, I can choose where my environmental donation goes to! That’s just what I needed.


Hi, my name is Tamara,

I work as a car mechatronics technician in the next bigger city. Since I live in a suburban area, I have a problem to get to work without a car.

Thanks to Green Riding, my route to and from work is shortened immensely, because it is a perfect complement to public transport. But the best thing is that I can offset my emissions by making a donation for the environment!

Our solutions

Our solution for private users

This way, please

Our solution for companies

This way, please

Our solution for cities and municipalities

This way, please

Our solution for private users

Our solution for companies

Our solution for cities and municipalities

Our vision

We are shaping the future by giving everyone the opportunity to become part of a green community through a sustainable lifestyle!

Setting up GreenRIDING


  • Ad hoc matching thanks to patented smart -transit technology
  • We plan Green-Riding as a shuttle service to the public transport system
  • Rollout and first pilots in early 2022


Sustainable mobility means networking modes of transport

Building a Green Ecosystem

  • Establishing sustainable marketplaces
    • Green Shopping
    • Green Delivery
  • Neighborhood assistance rethought
  • Our Green Ecosystem combines the different services in one app
  • We create a sustainable community

Environmental protection means thinking about different areas of life in a sustainable manner



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