Meeting our Developers in California

On 22.12. the time had finally come. Our CEO and founder Kathleen and our founder Luat met with our development team and their families in San Francisco. 

Thanks to modern video conferencing tools, we have been in regular exchange over the last months and were able to develop our idea of a sustainable door-to-door mobility solution together.

“Even though the exchange via TEAMS worked out well, it does not replace face-to-face exchange.That’s why I’m glad that this worked out, despite the difficult current situation” said Luat after the meeting.

For our green riding team, it is a challenge to work across borders and time zones. When the workday ends in Germany, the day begins in California. In addition, different mobility cultures and experiences have to be thought together. 

On the other hand, as a team that has only worked remotely from the beginning due to the pandemic, it is a great and educational experience that we don’t want to miss. Each team member brings his or her experience and strengths to our team, and the entire development of our idea benefits from this.

After a busy and intensive year, we are now treating ourselves to a few days with less work. We wish everyone reflective and happy holidays, a wonderful Christmas and a good start into the new year. Please take care of each other and stay healthy. 

It remains exciting… and certainly there will be new things to report in the new year.

stay tuned and become a part of tomorrow.

Many greetings

Team Green Riding