Our Solutions

Solution for private users B2C 🌱

Green Riding for private users combines flexibility and freedom with active protection of the environment and that at low cost, independently and freely accessible to everyone.

Intelligent mobility concept

Optimal (live) route matching of driver and passenger via GPS

No detours for drivers and passengers

Boarding anytime and anywhere: “the virtual stop right at your doorstep”

Automatic price calculation

Uncomplicated matching: convenient / time-saving from “door to door”

Identification of passengers (secure and anonymous if desired)

Mockup des Appinterfaces

Maximizing the occupancy rate

Improving the occupancy rate of vehicles

Relieving public infrastructure (parking spaces and roads)

Reducing area conflicts due to fewer cars in cities

ein voll besetztes Auto

Active environmental protection

Making local environmental protection visible!

Strengthening local environmental protection

Becoming part of a sustainable mobility turnaround

Reducing pollutants and noise emissions

Do good and talk about it!

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Solution for companies B2B🍃

Paving the way for the mobility turnaround

  • Your company will start as a pioneer in the turnaround!
  • Shared rides strengthen the team spirit!
  • For each employee, you can deduct benefits in kind up to 44 € (Section 37 b para. EStG) for Green Riding services!
  • Sustainable mobility promotion for employees
  • No “greenwashing”
  • Measurable environmental protection!
  • Promotion of sustainable employee mobility
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the workplace
  • Strengthening corporate responsibility
  • Advertising opportunities

Green Riding should also sustainably change mobility in your city or your company?

We would be happy to show you how to introduce and establish carpooling using the Green Riding app at your location.

Solution for municipalities and cities B2G

For less motorized private transport

  • Cities and municipalities are our first point of contact when it comes to implementing a sustainable traffic turnaround.
  • Traffic jams, poor air quality, noise and other negative developments are major challenges for many cities.
  • Public transport is generally regarded as the driving force behind sustainable commuter mobility. There are situations where one cannot or does not want to completely do without motorized private transport.
  • This is exactly where Green Riding comes in: by creating an attractive and sustainable mobility alternative.
  • Particularly in intermediate regions, Green Riding can reduce traffic by increasing the occupancy rate.
  • Against this background, talks have already been held with cities and municipalities regarding possible cooperation and pilot projects.

Contact us for a strategy meeting and together we will set out to change mobility sustainably!